Service Charter for Local Government Elections

For the 2017 local government ordinary elections the Commission has again published a stakeholder Service Charter.

This important document outlines the service commitments and standards that electors, candidates, local government administrators and electoral staff can expect of the Commission during the conduct of these elections.

The Service Charter recognises that to achieve optimum success, local government elections should be viewed as a partnership between key stakeholders. Hence the document also outlines how stakeholders can assist the Commission in achieving stakeholders’ common objectives.

Some Election Metrics

  • 89 local governments out of 139 have requested the WAEC to manage their elections
  • These 89 local governments represent over 97% of the State’s eligible electors
  • 85 will be fully postal elections and 4 will be conducted as in person elections
  • 30 from the Perth metro area and 59 in the country
  • Comprises 219 individual elections – 11 Mayoral, 1 President and 207 Councillors – or over 440 separate vacancies