Quality Assurance

Under Quality Management standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008, the Commission's Election Management branch is certified for the provision of election services for the State of Western Australia. The certification covers:

  • electoral roll maintenance
  • roll audits
  • roll products (public, periodic, local government and jury rolls)
  • State elections(and referenda)
  • local government elections
  • other elections.

The Certificate of Approval (PDF, 454 kB) confirms that the Commission's management systems comply with the requirements of the standard for these core activities.

Accreditation mark ISO9001/FS520650
The use of the Accreditation Mark indicates accreditation by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand in respect of the activities covered by this certificate. The certificate, issued by BSI Management Systems, remains valid for three years until re-certification.


What is Quality Assurance?

The Commission has adopted Quality Assurance (QA), a customer focused strategy, to enhance the effectiveness of all its activities - maximising reliability and performance. The strategy, with continuous improvement, systemic documentation and regular internal audits, aims to meet specifications of the International Quality Management standard ISO 9001:2008 across all Commission activities.

Why Quality Assurance?

Effective QA helps promote public credibility about the integrity of electoral processes, and gives the Commission a stronger customer focus - to which it is already committed. As a pre-condition, QA requires 'quality awareness' - through effective communication, documentation of all electoral processes and training to make information accessible and usable to all electoral officers, both within the Commission and at polling places.

Implementing Quality Assurance

A Quality Assurance Management Review Committee (QAMRC), chaired by the Acting Electoral Commissioner, is responsible to the Commission's Corporate Executive for implementing quality processes. The QAMRC oversees the QA register, the Commission’s internal audit program and responds to recommendations and staff suggestions.


  • Election services and enrolment are quality certified by BSI Management Systems. This certification is reviewed annually by an external audit of Commission systems and processes, against Australian Standards, in the context of the QA manual.
  • The QAMRC meets regularly and reports quarterly to the Commission's corporate executive.
  • Continuous improvement recommendations are progressed by the QAMRC through the QA register.
  • All QA findings, suggestions and complaints are followed through.

It is envisaged that over time, Quality Management systems and processes will be applied across the whole of the Commission, not just the certified areas.

Suggestions are welcome

You can make a suggestion by contacting the Commission.