Forms and Guides

State By-elections


Candidates Guide for Legislative Assembly (PDF 627 KB)
Funding and Disclosure Guidelines (PDF 731 KB)

State elections


Eligibility Guide for Membership of State Parliament (PDF 830 KB)
Candidates Guide for the Legislative Assembly (PDF 467 KB)
Candidates Guide for the Legislative Council (PDF 453 KB)
Formality Guide (PDF 2.5 MB)
Scrutineers Guide (PDF 302 KB)
Funding and Disclosure Guidelines (PDF 444 KB)
Registering a Political Party Guidelines (PDF 295 KB)
List of Streets Directory (PDF 6.7 MB)

Polling place manuals

Staff Polling Place Manuals are found on our Training page



Scrutineers appointment and declaration form (PDF 40 KB)


By-election forms

RO 17 – Nomination form and receipt - Legislative Assembly (PDF 173 KB)
RO 30 – Central nomination form - Legislative Assembly (PDF 160 KB)

General election forms

For candidates nominating directly with the Returning Officer:

RO17 – Nomination form and receipt - Legislative Assembly (PDF 236 KB)
RO19 – Nomination form and receipt - Legislative Council (PDF 238 KB)

For candidates endorsed by registered political parties:

RO30 – Central nomination form - Legislative Assembly (PDF 231 KB)
RO28 – Central nomination form - Legislative Council (PDF 235 KB)

Other forms

RM27C - Candidate or Registered Party application for the supply of electoral rolls (PDF 154 KB)
RM27X - Certificate of destruction of enrolment information to Western Australian Electoral Commission (281 KB)
RO18 – Application for registered political party name to be printed on ballot papers – Legislative Assembly (PDF 135 KB)
RO32 – Application for registered political party name to be printed on ballot papers – Legislative Council (PDF 37 KB)
RO20 – Supplementary nomination details for candidates and groups – Legislative Council (PDF 167 KB)
RO21 – Withdrawal of claim for grouping of candidates – Legislative Council (PDF 41 KB)

Agent forms

FD01 – Appointment of an agent by a political party (PDF 223 KB)
FD02 – Appointment of an agent by a candidate (PDF 305 KB)
FD03 – Appointment of an agent by a Legislative Council group (PDF 222 KB)

Annual disclosure forms

FD04 – Annual disclosure by a political party (PDF 145 KB)
FD05 – Annual disclosure by an associated entity (PDF 145 KB)

Election-related disclosure forms

FD06 – Disclosure by a candidate (PDF 150 KB)
FD07 – Disclosure by a Legislative Council group (PDF 149 KB)
FD08 - Disclosure of gifts and expenditure by a group in the legislative council (PDF 148 KB)
FD09 – Disclosure by other persons (PDF 149 KB)
FD10 – Disclosure of expenditure by a political party (PDF 144 KB)

Electoral funding claim forms

FD11 – Political party funding claim (PDF 216 KB)
FD12 – Candidate funding claim (PDF 307 KB)
FD13 – Group funding claim (PDF 139 KB)

Political party registration forms

FD14 – Application to register a political party (PDF 137 KB)
FD15 – Statement of political party membership (PDF 126 KB)
FD16 - Appointment of Party Secretary (PDF 26 KB)

Local Government Candidate's Information

Information for Candidates (PDF 770 KB)
Information for Scrutineers (PDF 332 KB)
Formality Guide (PDF 904 KB)
Service Charter for Local Government Elections 2019 (PDF 615 KB)

LG08 - Nomination for Election by Candidate (Councillor and Mayor) (PDF 145 KB)
LG09 - Nomination for Election by Agent (PDF, 151 KB)
LG09A - Disclosure of Gifts (PDF 21 KB)
LG18 - Appointment of Scrutineer (PDF 187 KB)