Political Finance Reports

Each financial year the Electoral Commissioner prepares an annual report to submit to the Minister regarding the operation of Part VI of the Electoral Act 1907. Previous Political Finance Annual Reports can be viewed online

Political Finance Annual Report 2014–2015

The report for the period ended 30 June 2015 has been tabled in Parliament.

Political Finance Annual Report 2014-2015 (PDF 562.23KB)

The following tables provide additional data to the information contained in the Political Finance Annual Report 2014-2015. The specified amount for the reporting period was $2,300.

2014–2015 Annual Returns

Table A: Summary of gifts and other income received by each political party (PDF 78.76 KB)

Table B: Gifts $2,300 or greater received by political parties (PDF 80.25 KB)

Table C: Other income $2,300 or greater received by political parties  (PDF 78.73KB)

Table D: Summary of gifts and other income received by each associated entity (PDF 73 KB)

Table E: Gifts and other income of $2,300 or greater received by associated entities (PDF 20.75 KB)

Download all tables as a single file (PDF 117.11 KB)

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